Friday, 25 April 2014


'Betrayal'...this word strikes  a cord in each one of our hearts. Doesn't it??  Okay not all, but at least within some of us...  and if it does not, then I'd suggest better watch out..!
Betrayals usually have their own dosage of heartbreaks and pain and most importantly they are all about that promise we make to ourselves of not trusting any single living soul over the earth for the rest of our lives..!! Some of us get all depressed and stay like that for a long time or even throughout our lives.. then there are some of us ,who try to get out of the gloom and move on. These guys are the best. I mean, how can we just let someone or something affect us so much??? But practically  its tough. Trust me, really really tough. And last but not the least  some of us gear up for our crazy revenge plans which are the worst of all..
Here’s a light hearted free verse I wrote about a betrayal I got in life and well the outcome turned out to be quite interesting so I thought, why not put it in here?? So there it goes~~~~


A surprise trip, a slip of few words, that’s all
a stripped secret, which ruined it all
a look, a single drop of tear
which made this betrayal, taste so salt.

Those happy days,  those happy times
those crazy moments, yet all those lies
trust me, it all felt so real..... Crystal clear
How could I miss noticing that crack in there?
Why didn’t  I realise
even it was fake, your that wretched smile.

You had it all planned, didn’t you?
To turn me up, when I needed you?
You knew I’d break, and make way for you
So that you could walk by me
and win my race ..
and watch me break..

Everything went well, till
this trip, this slip of few words,
this stripped secret, which ruined it all..
You  might be very impressed with yourself. 
But wait! Lemme turn over the tables
From the beginning I figured out it all!

Surprised are you? Make way, will you??
Now stay here and watch me walk by you
and win my race..
and don’t go anywhere
i’ll be right back, to watch you break!!!

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